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BraiNeeD's Wiki

Welcome to the official wiki of website.
The old historical main page from 2007 can be found here.


The main goal of this wiki is to use it as some kind of “reminder” place. It is also nice to share things lived and battles done versus softwares. As powerful and giant is the Linux project and the whole variety of distributions around, it is required to have a lot of memory to not repeat the same mistakes from the past. But when this memory is getting full or just slower we have to write the stuff to keep it in mind. I don't think to be that low on memory, but it just seems to be infinite tools and applications to use with that OS, this should be a good thing I guess !!!



  • Wiki's map with links –> namespaces are here
  • Organization with areas and sections –> On it !
  • Add more and more contents
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